What Is Your Cat’s Personality?



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I always thought that I knew cats very well – I own a cat and I get along well with most of the stray cats in my neighbourhood. It was only when I got my second cat after my first one passed away then I realised that her behaviour and personality is really different.

According to Vet Help Direct, cats are divided into 5 different personality traits which is why some may work for some cats and some may not. Just for fun, I have done up a personality quiz so you can know your cat better!


Which Personality Does Your Cat Have?

Researchers have identified five distinct personality types in domestic cats by applying a model commonly used to describe personality traits in people. A better understanding of your cat’s personality may bring you and your furbaby happiness along the way!

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It’s dinner time! Your cat…

Question Image

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You’re using the computer… what does your cat do?

Question Image

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When you enter the door… your cat

Question Image

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How did your cat adapt when you first brought it home?

Question Image

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How does your cat have fun?

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