5 reasons why you should put an Apple AirTag on your cat (with an AirTag Cat Collar)



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When Apple released the AirTag to keep track of one’s personal items like keys and wallets, I didn’t see the need it until… I saw cat owners putting them on their cats. I purchased one immediately with an cat airtag collar and can’t stress more on why more cat owners should definitely get it. Here’s why:


1. Affordable

Photo by Mark Chan on Unsplash

Only at $29, this is a pretty affordable investment for a piece of mind. Comparing it to other trackers that cost at least $100, an AirTag performs fairly well with the “Find My” app. If you add on an airtag cat collar, it is still cheaper than most trackers out there! Examples of AirTag functions in point 2,3 and 4.



2. Lost mode, when activated sends you a notification of your cat’s whereabout

enable Lost mode for Apple AirTag_arenamobiles
Picture by ArenaMobiles

Your cat has wandered away and you press the lost mode button. What happens after? If a person carrying a compatible iPhone walks past, the tag pings its exact location to you, and it keeps happening until you deactivate the Lost Mode. It’s like a whole community helping you to find your cat silently.



3. Built-in speaker which plays sound when you ping it

AirTag Not Making A Sound? Here's The Fix! - Payette Forward
Photo from Payette Forward

When you just want to make sure your cat is around you or at home, tap on a button to let the AirTag make a sound. Hearing that will just inform you that your cat is safely at home.



4. Find where your cat is hiding in the house with precision finding

airtag precision finding 2
Photo from macrumors

You know your cat is sleeping under sofa or hiding behind some furniture but can’t seem to find it even after playing the sound with the built-in speaker? Using this functions points you exactly where your cat is. It took me awhile to get used to it because it has to be a bluetooth device distance away.



5. Water resistant and long battery life

How to change the AirTag battery | AppleInsider
photo from appleinsider

An AirTag can last a year and you don’t have to dispose it at all. It uses a CR2032 battery which you can find in your remote controls and other devices. As cats don’t really like to get wet, the AirTag water resistance is just a bonus in case your cat falls into a puddle or get caught in the rain.

In conclusion, the Apple Airtag is an affordable investment and convenient tracking device to use for your cats. Since Apple products are readily available in almost every country, it is also easier to get more help and knowledge of the usage of Apple AirTags.

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