Our Signature AirTag Collars

Made specially to fit the AirTag, our collars allow your cats to be tracked(indoors or outdoors) with the iPhone.

Apple AirTag collars for cats.

Highly durable, water-resistant and lightweight. Available in 4 different colors.

Designed specifically for AirTag and cats.

All our AirTag collars are constructed with your cat’s comfort in mind. Lightweight and water-resistant, your cat can now run around the house freely and comfortably without you worrying where it is.


Due to the size of the AirTag, a wider collar will even out the pressure on your cat’s neck, providing more comfort than a thinner collar.

Cats are notorious for scratching and damaging almost everything and anything. We make sure our collars are strong enough not to be destroyed by them but also soft enough to be comfortable.

Our collars are secured with a mounting screw which can be easily mounted with your fingers or a coin.

AirTags to be bought separately here